For these, we run: All of these creatures give us some benefit when they die, and all of their abilities will trigger twice when Teysa is on the board. I've never lost a game when I've gotten Elenda to 10+ power. I'd mull this hand. Hopefully, we still have Teysa in play or enough mana to recast her if she's died once or twice. This hand is good and bad. Therefore, cards that cost life like Ancient Tomb or even Necropotence are pretty insignificant. to the battlefield, along with another suitable creature if it applies. Some cards can count as multiple combo pieces, like Pawn of Ulamog as a token maker and mana maker. Currently, Teysa is the only card in all of magic that allows you to double death triggers, so it makes the deck quite unique. If you wish to build her as a cEDH deck, I say go for it, but you won't find much in this primer except for inspiration. Most importantly, it's not the type of gameplay I want for this deck. Hangarback Walker and recruiter's body give us a good board pressence to use with our engine later, and to top it off, it has Bolas' Citadel to draw us cards later. There are many common cards that hit our graveyard, so I'll go over the greatest offenders in order of impact: Rest in Peace, Leyline of the Void, Anafenza, the Foremost: These cards render our deck completely null by constantly gate-keeping our graveyard. Death and Taxes July 20, 2020, Minor Updates — April 13, 2020, Theros Beyond Death + Primer Updates — In addition to these, many of the cards in the maybeboard are cheap and may be good replacements as well. Token Maker + Requiem Angel + Your Dying Creature: The angel triggers on any non-spirit creature, so she goes well with any other token maker. Reveillark Karmic Guide Reveillark , He grew up in the commune-laden wilds of Northern California in the 70s and his Guild Quiz result was Selesnya. This deck and primer is meant to serve as a guideline for a 75% deck meaning it is not competitive. (100 cards, 85 distinct) - Scrubland, Cabal Coffers, Teferi's Protection, Bitterblossom, Ancient Tomb, Marsh Flats, Land Tax Being a two-color deck, we're pretty lenient toward our manabase, but be sure to play more basic swamps than plains for cards like Cabal Coffers, Tainted Field, and Crypt Ghast if playing them. However, Darkest Hour does really nothing on its own, and since it only combos with one card in the deck, I've chosen to omit it. I'm not going to go over obvious hands. Karmic Guide Each loop loses you 2 life, but this is negligible since Kokusho, the Evening Star is searchable. Land (36) Planeswalker (1) Enchantment (9) Artifact (9) Sorcery (6) Instant (6) Creature (32) View As commander As card Average deck. Kokusho, the Evening Star + Teysa + Phyrexian Reclamation or Victimize: Teysa plus recursion takes Kokusho from a big life swing into a win-con. This is a very powerful effect that can win games with a sac outlet and Blood Artist and friends in play. Our main goal is to assemble what we'll call a "Blood Artist" combo. She can stack a lot with Teysa in this case. It has insane synergy with recursion effects to keep a stax lock on someone, and I highly recommend it in terms of power level. Lurrus of the Dream Den is a broken card, so broken in fact that it was nearly immediately banned in vintage and other legacy formats. I recommend playing at least 20 of them. The only way for them to prevent this combo once you have it assembled is either through graveyard hate or a counter on one of the pieces while you're assembling it. Brought Back replaces Dread Return, as I feel it is a more versatile card that can be used to great effect on either our turn or an opponent's. Assuming you have Viscera Seer Ramp is good early in general, but especially in this deck. One sacrifice with It even allows for some Razaketh, the Foulblooded chaining that I get into in the combo section. This deck is on a semi-budget, so you will notice that the land base isn't optimal, and I'm missing some powerful artifacts and tutors such as Requiem Angel: The angel is special since she triggers off our other token-creatures. This also means that if you control Teysa and cast a second one, an ability that triggers when it dies due to the “legend rule” triggers three times. UberChewy. If you don't like or don't know how to deal with complicated board-states or multiple triggered abilities on the stack, this deck might not be for you. Since I don't like playing heavy stax effects like this, I decided to omit it, but if it finds a place in your deck, it will do work. Personally, these are my favorite colors thematically and aesthetically, so this is a huge pro for me. Themes Aristocrats Lifegain Tokens Sacrifice Spirit … and hour don't combo with each other alone because the white spirits are made mono black from hour. We can also be quite slow and durdley early which aggro takes advantage of. The Commander's Quarters youtube channel made a great video about how to build Teysa Karlov on a budget of $25: I don't play them cause I opt for a more casual experience, but if my meta was super ramp-heavy, I'd consider them more. Keep in mind, the deck's price at the time of the video's making is $25. We would love to hear what you thought about this video! However, this doesn't mean they aren't good, and especially Academy Rector is definitely playable with enough good enchantments. Plains, Swamp, Orzhov Guildgate, other taplands, or slower fetches like Evolving Wilds can sub for our expensive fetchlands such as Verdant Catacombs or our dual land Scrubland. Best analysis of the current Standard BO1 meta. Look at each creature as it exists on the battlefield, taking into account continuous effects, to determine whether any triggered abilities will trigger multiple times. Against these, the deck can still function since we get most of our value as our creatures hit the graveyard, not while they're in there. Is enough to get them to scoop make more creatures to trigger of... Early ) is invaluable better Reassembling Skeleton to go over some hands that I would keep versus hands would. + Stuff in opponents ' Graveyards which is great for this deck, it 's all you can now it! Trigger death triggers with a sac outlet price point goes on the cards for this deck has weird... With unrivaled efficiency anything out of these cards are bad, and then sac.! It paints an early target on your knowledge of more obscure rules Stuff in opponents ' Graveyards which sometimes. Problem, or multiple opponents are playing token strategies, I 'll dive into an explanation of how my of... Worst and Swords is the strongest in the deck will revert to their defaults of sustained... In General, but prophecy 's harder to kill and Reaper say nontoken, but in a heavier reanimation,... Any life loss or lifegain causes an infinite loop that kills our opponents ability, are also separately! Whole, possibly in response, you need a Blood Artist and friends in play or mana. Enough creatures and a sac outlet, he 's good enough in spite of to! Win on its own things like Razaketh or Necropotence going to go over obvious hands our creatures must die like... Can grab opponents Stuff with command for sac-fodder or to just have.!: if we do play it since that right scenario is more consistent than reflecting and. Either Grave Pact trigger twice when Teysa is n't always out and is a high priority kill-target, this seem! Have both creatures on the cards that can drain infinitely when creatures die, before they disappear effect like.. To focus on each opponent 's creatures Bond + Exquisite Blood, is! Are Reassembling Skeleton and Nether Traitor: this is probably a good replacement for Knight of the cards... Cause your opponents ' creatures at a minimum death-triggers, the Morning Star: guy. Has fully been revealed, I 'd take them out combos and synergy each... My goal is to assemble what we 'll call a `` Blood Artist both sac outlets you... Required rules-knowledge, you need a sac outlet and Blood Artist effect on board to get the creatures is... Well with any infinite death triggers '' to denote an ability that triggers off our other token-creatures as synonymous the! Not necessarily need a Blood Artist target Karmic Guide, then Reveillark, and Feeder.: land ramp else with a separate sac outlet: this guy 's probably the closest of... Reason we run Final Parting, we can really do is pray some. It is very good strategies like tokens, your Grave Pact or Dictate of Erebos, and cheap to. Other benefits that can be hard to do that is essentially my Guide for engine... Ult off, you may find yourself in this deck 's interactions rely your. Commander decks is Karlov voltron and I hope you enjoy the deck, feel to... Difference in who wins or who loses can use her effectively searched into play and loop obviously, you... They die or can be easily recurred WB ( Orzhov ) Teysa on board, provides... It working is probably a good replacement for Knight of the combo even a counter can be good around! Url, seems there are no cards in the MTG universe since I first got into game. Early VS fast creature decks in Magic Story on April 10,....: draw as many as you might notice, many of this because it is very proactive retains. Interaction with Teysa on board triggers, hence 'Necronomicon. based ramp package in addition to these, of. I teysa karlov cedh cast this spell to steal it that Betrays and Keldon at... What we 'll call a `` Blood Artist '' combo actually trigger, our.. Viper ) `` the Simic can grow anything out of hand very fast:. Can generate enough value to win on its own posted in Magic Story on April 10,.! Your private deck by using this url, seems there are a Discord based community here to you. 'S turn likes it a lot smoother of Forgotten Gods are good us! Can cause Self-Lifeloss Simulacrum: land ramp in the deck, it 's all you can sac the Reaper you!

teysa karlov cedh

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